Nightly, Daily.

My name is Eli. I like to think of myself as an artist. I'm a student. I'm a believer of Jesus Christ.

Even though your body is outwardly wasting away, your spirit is renewed every morning. Today is unlike any other, though it seems no different than most; you were born 21 years ago. It was when you first saw light, breathed your first breath, touched another being, and cried your first cry. Happy birthday, beautiful. You make my life, and everyone else’s a little better, because you’re in it.
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Me as a parent


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Model: 86, Westfalia
Location: California
Photo: Pacific
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Winter in the Wasatch by Jordan Ison (2014)
Utah, US

Coffee by julie marie craig on Flickr.
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current mood: oprah running on hot coals

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